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Insurance Investigation Services in Virginia

Insurance agencies sometimes struggle to identify the deserving beneficiary of the insurance-based settlements. Most often, clients attempt to benefit from falsified and deceitful insurance claims to gain financial benefits. Some individuals intentionally engage or perpetuate to file insurance claims and seek long-term financial and health support from insurance companies. Our agency diligently assists insurance companies to terminate deceitful insurance claims since It is absolutely illegal for a person to file false or inflated claims to attain unmerited benefits. Every year, insurance agencies pay out millions of dollars in fraudulent insurance claims. Subsequently, that amount of money changes the insurance market and causes insurance premiums to increase. There are many types of insurance fraud that are seen throughout the insurance industry affecting healthcare, disability, disaster, vehicle, homeowners, commercial insurance and more.

We serve all kinds of insurance companies to investigate their clients to develop authentic observations based off their everyday activities. We manage surveillance techniques and conspicuously monitor all activities of the claimants because the more evidence gathered, the more detailed the case against the fraudulent claim will coalesce. Along with boots on the ground through surveillance of a property or claimant, thorough and detailed social media research is another essential element to see if the claimant has given the insurer a false narrative. Social media can be an absolute goldmine for evidence that proves a claimant’s claim is fraudulent. We utilize modified vehicles, covert equipment, high-end cameras, and navigation software to locate, surveil and collect the required evidence sufficient to accomplish anticipated results. Furthermore, we develop detailed reports along with high-quality videos obtained throughout the surveillance period to establish concrete evidence.

This assists the Insurers to be protected from falsified claims; hence, it is helpful for all insurers to have an experienced legal team and investigative agency on their side to help evaluate potential fraud and misrepresentation in all areas of their insurance company. We are available 24/7 to commence insurance fraud investigations and diligently assist insurance companies to safeguard themselves from fraudulent claimants.


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